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  • A connexion to link the petroleum industry with  the supply market and consumer society, entirely from upstream to downstream sector.
  • A channel to promote investment activities from financial market to all fields related to oil & gas industry.
  • A business entity specialized in trading on petroleum products, maintaining a good relationship with Vietnam Oil & Gas Group.


  • Becoming a channel on promotion of investment, trade, service to a variety of petroleum projects and any potential domestic and overseas oil & gas activities.

Quality policy:

  • Responding comprehensive, stable quality, professional service, satisfy the increasing demand of customers.



Accreting traditional relationship with international and domestic partners



Accumulating valuable experiences over 33 years



Applying advanced and environmental friendly technology



Having in-depth knowledge in commercial, service and petroleum technology activities



Linking closely to the information network of VietNam petroleum industry


 Human resource  

Training and developing Petechim‘s human resources in high quality and enthusiastic



Possessing high adaptable intellectual property



Building a lean and efficient management system
  • Professionalism & Efficiency
  • Openness & Honesty
  • Loyalty & Dedication
  • Collaboration & Sharing
  • Company ‘s development together with individual’s success

Petechim brand was officially established in 1981 as the primary supplier of materials, machinery and equipment for the Vietnamese adolescent petroleum industry. In 1994,  Petechim was transferred to PetroVietnam’s mangement and became one of the leading suppliers in technological services and trading activities,  in providing equipment, materials and machinery as well as the leading synchronization works in Vietnam.

In harmony with general trends of development in Vietnam oil & gas industry, Petroleum Technology and Equipment Import Export Services Trading Joint Stock Company (the former name) was renamed to Petroleum Trading Joint Stock Company (Petechim JSC) in 2008 with its primary policy on diversifying sorts of business, expanding market segment both in upstream and downstream sectors in petroleum industry and extending to serve other industries.

Some key projects associated with Petechim:

  • 1994: Central Processing Platform No.2 (CPP-2)
  • 1997: Central Compression Platform (CCP)
  • 1997: Water Injection Platform No. 2 (WIP-2)
  • 1998: Water Injection Platform No.3 (WIP-3)
  • 1998: Onshore Facilities of Gas Utilization
  • 2000: Floating Storage and Offloading System No.4 (FSO-4)
  • 2004: Central Processing Platform No.3
  • 2009: Pipe-laying vessel project
  • 2010: Expanding PV Oil ‘s Nha Be Oil terminal
  • 2011: Upgrading PV Oil’s Cu Lao Tao Oil terminal
  • 2012: Cybernation and integrated ERP system of PV Oil ‘s Nha Be Oil terminal
  • 2012: Data Center (DC) for PV Oil
  • 2013: Data Center (DC) for Petechim


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